Dish Olympics App Gives Fans a Second-Screen-Style Experience on the TV Screen

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I’m still catching up on work after three days of URC Mission Control training and a miserable flight home last week, so I’m a few days behind on this, but I finally got to check out Dish’s new Olympics app this morning.

Available to all Dish Hopper and VIP series customers, the app doesn’t require any installation, and is available instantly at the press of a button. Simply hit the blue button on your remote while watching live TV, and the video image shrinks to 70% size, moves to the upper left, and is surrounded by an info border containing medal counts, top stories, the full Olympics TV shedule for the day, USA news, althlete news, and a section called Destination London with feature stories about the city itself. You can also press the yellow remote button and maximize the app to full screen, for more in-depth viewing.

So far, it looks to be working mostly great, if you’re into that whole Olympics thing. It definitely delivers the sort of second-screen experience that the kids are all about these days, without the need for a second screen. I have noticed the occasional lag, and did experience one lock-up using the app, but for the most part it’s smooth sailing.

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