4th Bin Expands with Secure Onsite Data Destruction Services

Sections: Security

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4th Bin — you probably remember them as the door-to-door e-waste disposal company — is expanding its scope to include secure, on-site destruction of sensitive business data. Most data destruction companies handle the work off site, but 4th Bin is taking a hands-on approach to ensure that data isn’t compromised during transit.

4th Bin customers will have access to the company’s unique asset management system, which reconciles and tracks assets throughout the disposal process. 4th Bin understands that secure data destruction is vitally important in today’s business world. For proof, 4th Bin cites a staggering statistic: 1/3 of corporate enterprises with 1,000 or more employees have suffered from confidential data loss in the past 12 months.  That single stat should be enough to warrant a phone call.

For more information visit 4th Bin or call 646.747.5985

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