Emotiva Introduces Powerful Amps at Budget Prices

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The problem with audio is that there’s subsistence models — the kind you buy for a few hundred bucks off the shelf at Best Buy — and expensive enthusiast lines, with little in between. Emotiva believes they’ve found the balance between price and quality with their new line of power amplifiers.

Rated at a consistant 80 watts per channel into 8 ohms — and here’s the important distinction, that’s with all channels driven — the UPA-500 is designed for solid performance, unlike other budget amps that may waver when some fool gives Michael Bay high explosives. If you’ve got 4-ohm speakers, it can take it all the way up to 120w per channel without difficulty.

If quality 2-channel playback is more your thing, the UPA-200 pushes 125 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 200 into 4.

Both amps feature gold-plated RCA connections, 5-way binding posts, and extensive protections against overheating, shorted speakers, and myriad other common problems with home audio

“In designing the UPA-500 and UPA-200, we really listened to feedback from our fans and laid the foundation for a new Ultra Series that’s undeniably distinct from other home audio lines,” says Dan Laufman, President of Emotiva. “In addition to the new internal designs, we’ve also added some external touches that we believe fans will appreciate—like a Stealth Mode that disables the front panel status LEDs and Standby button halo lighting.”

The Emotiva UPA-500 and UPA-200 are available now for $399 and $349, respectively, exclusively at

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  • TimmyS

    These units are NOT receivers but POWER AMPS.

  • Dennis Burger

    Gah! TimmyS, you’re exactly right, and as editor I take full responsibility for not catching the mistake. The piece has been corrected. Thanks!