Aperion Audio Introduces New Wireless Surround Sound Speaker System

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Even though I’m a purist who still listens to records and likes to hold books in his hands, I’m all for technological advances in the name of ease and simplicity. And the new Intimus 4T Summit Wireless Home Theater Speaker System from Aperion Audio certainly fits that bill.

Wireless subwoofers have been available for quite some time now, and Aperion has been doing interesting work with wireless main speakers for a while now, with with this system, they’re taking it to a new level. The Intimus system uses SpeakerFinder and MyZone technology to sync a room full of speakers without the need for wires — or even an AV receiver. Users connect sources to the transmitter, power the speakers via wall outlets, and press a single button to start the configuration process. Summit’s wireless technology determines where each speaker has been placed within the room and communicates the information to the transmitter. The system is smart enough to calculate the angle and distance between each speaker to within plus or minus one inch.

The system includes an HDMI Digital Wireless Home Theater One Preamp Transmitter, two Intimus 4T Summit Wireless Powered Tower Speakers, one Intimus 5C Summit Wireless Powered Center Speaker,  two Intimus 4B Summit Wireless Powered Satellite Speakers, and one Bravus 8A Summit Wireless Powered Subwoofer. Intimus can handle uncompressed 24-Bit / 96 KHz wireless digital audio and is certified for Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS-HD.

The system is now shipping and is available in two models: a 5.1 system priced at $2,999 and a 7.1 system that retails for $3,499. For more information visit Aperion Audio of call 888.880.8992.

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