Avatar 3D Blu-ray Looking More and More Likely for Autumn Retail Release

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Since Panasonic’s exclusivity on Avatar 3D expired in March, stereoscopic fans have been waiting not-so-patiently for Fox to finally put the holy grail of modern 3D movies out on the open market. We reported back in April that a German release looks like a done deal for the holidays, at latest. And while the disc is still rumored to be Best Buy exclusive in the Colonies through the end of the year, it looks like our friends to the Great White North will be getting a general release along with the rest of the world, or maybe even a little before. Typically Amazon will install a placeholder for popularly requested titles, but when a price emerges on the entry, it’s an excellent sign that a solicitation is nigh. And now has not only a price for the disc (CDN$ 49.99 retail), but a firm released date, as well: October 23, 2012.

While I personally found Prometheus to be my new poster child of the third dimension, there’s no arguing that the mass appeal of Avatar could help the masses give 3D a go at home, and who can argue with that?

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