Amazon Makes Some Interesting Changes to Cloud Player

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It’s been so long since we heard much noise about cloud music storage that I’m starting to wonder if the average consumer cares, but Amazon is making some pretty neato upgrades to its Cloud Player that I’m looking forward to testing out with my Autonomic MMS-2 media server.

First, one slight bit of bad news: after this month, non-paying Cloud Player customers will be limited to 250 song uploads. The music you buy from Amazon doesn’t count toward that limit, but if you’ve ripped CDs yourself over the years that you want integrated into Cloud Player, and you want to do so for more than 250 songs, you’re going to have to upgrade to Cloud Player Premium (subscriptions to which start at $25/year).

Why would you want to upload your own ripped music to Cloud Player? Here’s the cool part: say you ripped at 128kbps at the time and regret it now, but don’t want to go back and re-rip your catalog: if Amazon has the rights to the songs you ripped, and you upload them to their Cloud Player, they’ll upgrade those tracks to higher-quality 256kbps variable bitrate. You’ll still have access to your original files; the new ones will be in a separate “Upgraded” folder.

Other neat tweaks include more control over metadata editing, as well as automatic transferal of all your past Amazon MP3s into Cloud Player.

For more info, check out [Amazon: What’s New?]

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