Best Buy First to See Terminator Remaster?

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It’s starting to look as if Best Buy may have potentially scored early access to the newly remastered Terminator in its exclusive Terminator Anthology Blu-ray set launching August 28. Listed in the press release are bonus material from the DVD special edition that are not included in the current Blu-ray — which indicates that it’s not merely a re-packaging — and since Europe has been is getting the new remastered version of Terminator in a few months, one can hope that in redoing the Blu-ray to include those extras, Warner is relying on the best new video source available.

The Terminator Anthology includes the original film, both cuts of Terminator 2, Terminator 3, and the R-rated cut of Terminator Salvation. Pricing on the set is currently unknown, but this is the first time all the movies have been available in the same box in the United States.

Via: [Inside Pulse]

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