Smart TVs Will Hit 650 Million Installed by 2017

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If there’s one thing that kickstarted Blu-ray player sales for the masses back in the day, it was Netflix. The idea that they could move the service off the laptop and into an actual box in the living room was totally tantalizing. Oh, the good old days.

Nowadays, new TV buyers are skipping the boxes altogether and getting Netflix (among a whole host of other apps) right on the TV screen. Manufacturers like Samsung and Sony have already included early movie releases and other exclusive programming tied to their front ends, and before long these platform exclusives are probably going to become the next battleground in home entertainment.

Especially if the numbers touted by Juniper Research hold true. According to our friends at Big Picture Big Sound, a recent report projects that we’ll have nearly 650 million web-connected HDTVs in homes by 2017.

And if our experience is anything to go by, about a hundred of them will be capable of streaming Amazon Instant Video. Sigh.

Via: [Big Picture Big Sound]

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