Lenkeng LKV373 HDMI Extender Monkey Kings a Somersault Cloud (Or, umm… something like that)

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If it sounds too good to be true, the old saying goes, it’s probably a press release.

Okay, that’s not an old saying. I just made it up. It definitely applies here, though. Waiting on my inbox this morning was a release for Lenkeng’s new LKV373 HDMI Extender. This one:

 You could be forgiven for assuming it’s an HDBaseT technology, given that it extends HDMI over Cat5e/6 cable, but in fact, the LKV373 converts the HDMI signal to TCP/IP, and transmits it up to 100 meters (or 120 meters; the press release is a little inconsistent.)

There are problems with this approach, not the least of which is that a fully uncompressed 1080p video accompanied by lossless audio quickly exceeds the bandwidth restrictions of even a Gigabit TCP/IP network, and that’s before we take this into consideration:

Yeah… No, I’m sorry, but unless Lenkeng’s “Exclusive Technology” is made of unicorn tears and Monkey King Somersault Clouds, the amount of compression required to squeeze an HDMI signal into an 802.11n pipe (extendable to 253 displays, according to the release!) is going to be pretty staggering.

Samples are apparently available (although from the release, it’s hard to tell if they’re available for reviewers or only for OEMs), so I might get a couple (or 253!) in for review. Needless to say, I’m not expecting this to be a workable solution in installations where video quality is at all a concern.

Unfortunately, there’s no info on pricing, nor which versions of HDMI are supported. Will it do 3D? Probably not, but who knows? How much does one cost? Your guess is as good as mine. But Monkey King a somersault cloud is the most long-distance 18 miles, and that’s all that really matters.

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