Sonos Now Flying in the (Amazon) Clouds

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Sonos specializes in wireless audio systems that put your music anywhere in your house from your computer, but now by teaming up with Amazon, they’ve removed the computer as a necessary component. Amazon Cloud Player, which recently got a spiffy upgrade, lets you upload your entire music collection to their online servers, and now the Sonos family of devices automatically sync and interface with Cloud Player so you can enjoy your music collection computer-free.

Sonos systems allow you to place speaker hubs around the house that are fed via a proprietary wireless connection, and then controlled with your smartphone or tablet. Given the storage limitations on those devices, or at least the huge expense of purchasing additional storage, you can start seeing where this is making a huge amount of sense to those in a wireless world who don’t want to be locked down to a home server.

Via: [Sonos Blog]

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