Aereo Copycat is the Latest Sued by Fox for Rebroadcasting

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If you read the fine print on a sporting event, home video, or any other program, expressly forbidden is the rebroadcast of the material therein. Well, that’s certainly what Aereo has been up to, and what their cheekily named copycat, BarryDriller — a dig on Aereo backer and media mogul Barry Diller — is now doing.

Setting up one of these rebroadcasting operations is pretty easy. So easy, in fact, that it looks like Aereo has a bunch of brewing copycats. While that service is currently isolated to its New York City test market, where antenna reception is notoriously poor after the loss of the World Trade Centers and the urban jungle of EM reflection that makes a clean signal problematic at best, BarryDriller is in Los Angeles, and as many as eight total markets by the end of the month, assuming it doesn’t get shut down quickly.

Source: [GigaOM]

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