NuForce Intros DDA-100 Digital Integrated Amp

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NuForce makes a variety of utility devices for your home audio setup, and the DDA-100 might have a place in your own system if you’re a digitally minded audiophile.  At its heart, the DDA-100 is a DAC with an integrated amplifier, but the DAC portion is where it gets a little different.  It doesn’t use the typical DAC stage found in most digital audio products; instead, its PWM power amplifier stage is modulated directly by the incoming signal, and the digital-to-analog conversion really takes place at the speaker outputs.  This removes some DAC problems, shortens the signal path, and uses fewer parts, the sum of which is better audio in a smaller box at a lower price.

The DDA-100 is designed as a digital-only product.  It has four inputs (USB, digital coaxial, and 2 optical) and two speaker outputs.  The included remote allows both input and volume control.  The DDA-100 will drive your speakers with 75 Watts RMS and 250 Watts peak, so it has the guts to do the work you need it to you.

Some of the other design features include:

  • 96kHz input sampling rate
  • 3GB/s over-sampling rate for smoother, more natural reproduction.
  • An on-chip clock reference signal for synchronizing incoming digital audio data. Data re-clocking results in ultra low jitter performance.
  • 100% linear frequency and phase response (+/- 0.1dB from 20 to 20kHz)
  • THD+N = 0.07%
  • Signal-to-noise ratio > 95dB A-weighted
  • High-quality, audio-grade parts throughout

The NuForce DDA-100 is available worldwide for a suggested retail price of $549.

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