Genelec Introduces SpeakerAngle App for iOS Devices

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Who needs a custom installer anyway?*

The SpeakerAngle app from Genelec (champions of active monitoring) allows anyone with an iOS device and 99 cents to correctly set and match the angling of stereo and 7.1 surround speakers. Proper angling leads to better fidelity and Genelec wants everyone to get the most out of their home theater setups.

Using SpeakerAngle is easy. Owners simply select the desired mode (stereo or surround) and place their iOS device on top of the speaker that is to be angled. Proper placement of each speaker is achieved by touching the corresponding on-screen icon and then rotating the speaker inward until the icon changes from red to green. Users then touch the icon again to freeze that speaker in place. SpeakerAngle also features a “paired speaker” icon so that users can ensure speakers are rotated to the same angle. In this case, the speaker icon will change to yellow once SpeakerAngle detects that two speakers are matched correctly.

SpeakerAngle is compatible with iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, and iPhone Touch 4th Generation and later. The app is now available on the iTunes App Store for 99 cents. For more information visit Genelec.

(*Actually, everyone should consider employing a custom installer. They’re professionals who do great work. It’s just that with an app like SpeakerAngle, setting up a home theater system properly yourself just got a whole lot easier.)

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