Ceton Companion Brings Media Center Companion App to Smartphones

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If you’re a fan of Windows Media Center — especially as a DVR — it’s a bit lamentable that Microsoft seems to have pushed the app to the way-back burner, and we’ve got no native support to remotely make sure our recordings are properly set up.

Thankfully Ceton’s got your back, virtually every aspect of Windows Media Center is accessible via the app. Infinite scrolling, scheduling, programming, you name it. The only thing that’s missing, and probably unlikely, is instant streaming of your recorded shows SlingBox style (maybe for Windows 8 and Surface?)

We have been reading and listening to everyone’s comments over the past few months and have really built out the feature set around what everyone has been asking for. Here are a few of the highlights of what’s new:

  1. Brand New Program Guide (with infinite scrolling)
  2. Program Guide Searching (Android coming soon)
  3. Series Management
  4. Speed and Stability Improvements

Since this is the release candidate for iOS and Windows Phone, and the final build that everyone will receive before the apps go live on the marketplaces, we need your help testing and finding any last minute bugs. The bug tracker is up and running and as always we will be very active in the forums for feedback. We appreciate everyone’s help during the beta process. We will have one more final survey for everyone within the next week as well.

Android fans, don’t fret; your time is coming as soon as they get these two locked down. So if Media Center’s your bag, check out the video for the full breakdown

Via: [Ceton]

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