Warner Bros. Extends Digital Copy Expiration Dates to 2017

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We’ve all forgotten to redeem at least some of our digital copies — those of us who bother with them to begin with, that is — and the little easy-to-overlook codes that come with so many Blu-ray discs these days are typically only good for a year or two after release.

The purpose of digital copy, from the studio perspective, is several fold: First to give a cheap premium to encourage month-one purchases, second as a piracy deterrent (many people pirate to get a digital copy), and third, to get people used to the idea of digital versions of movies (as the industry would dearly love to get out of the physical media market, no matter how much that’s not going to happen).

By all signs, WB may have inked a new deal with Apple to extend the expiration dates of its digital downloads to 2017, and to make their movies available via iCloud (think a more limited version of UltraViolet, where streaming is locked to Apple devices). Given how many studios are pushing UV (everyone but Fox and Disney), and WB’s demonstrated willingness to dump iTunes entirely for their own UV-compatible Flixster service, Apple probably felt a solid need to get them back in the fold, given WB’s video dominance, probably through reduced fees.

If you have un-redeemed WB digital copies, try the codes. If they fail, contact WB Customer service

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