Sennheiser Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones Look Like Your Amazon No-Fly Zone Deal of the Day

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Anyone who takes long flights knows that noise-cancelling headphones are the bomb. They help you sleep, keep the kid next to you down to a dull roar (no seat-kicking suppression though), and in general are better quality than many other portable headphones.

That said, today’s otherwise awesome deal of the day looks a little mystifying at first glance.

We all know that electronic devices are a no-no during takeoff and landing, but even in the air, you’re not allowed to use anything that transmits a signal, period, except on special Wi-Fi certified aircraft (recognizable by the fact that they try to sell you Wi-Fi).

Undoubtedly one of the biggest selling points of the Sennheiser MM 450, today’s Amazon Deal of the Day, is its Bluetooth connectivity, though, which is banned by virtually all major airlines for use in flight (click here for Delta’s specific list). That may look like a big problem if you only glance at Amazon’s listing, especially given how flight-oriented the marketing for these puppies is.

Fear not, though: dig a little deeper into Sennheiser’s listing for the product, and way down there in the fine print, you’ll see that it can optionally be operated in wired mode.

So if you held out on picking up this rocking deal ($219.96 off!) because you’re worried about not being able to use the ‘phones in mid-flight, not to worry; you’ll just have to pull out the cable and hook them up directly when you’re flying the friendly skies.

Amazon Deal of the Day: Sennheiser MM 450 Flight Bluetooth Multimedia Headset with Noise Cancellation – Black

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