ThinkGeek Exclusive Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate Adds 100% Pew Pew Pew to Your Lighting Experience

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We’re definitely big proponents of lighting control here at HomeTechTell, but this new exclusive arcade-inspired switch from ThinkGeek isn’t what we usually have in mind.

Granted, anything that makes turning off the lights fun is bound to save you a little energy, so there’s that. The Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate, as its name implies, also isn’t a complete switch, but rather an add-on that goes over your conventional light switch (no dimmers or flat switches, sorry), and therefore requires no electrician to install. No wiring is involved at all. You’ll just need two AA batters (not included) to power the light and the pew-pew-pow buttons.

Via: [ThinkGeek]

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