Sony Introduces Second-Gen Personal 3D HD Display

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Sony had a surprise hit last year with its first personal 3D display, the HMZ-T1, so they’re taking another go at them with an improved model this year. A lighter version of last year’s effort, the headset includes a new virtual 5.1 surround simulator, along with a whole host of cool features:

HMZ-T2 Personal 3D Viewer

Your personal, cinematic home entertainment experience

• Immersive Full HD 2D and 3D – enjoy a 45° full cinematic widescreen picture
• Smooth 3D viewing – dedicated, high response OLED screens for each eye smoothly display 2D and 3D images without the blurring of image crosstalk
• Virtual 5.1 channel sound – crisp, clear 360º audio with ambient sound, also Harmonic Equalizer audio enhancement and a choice of listening modes
• Vivid clarity and high contrast picture – a TruBlack display creates a clear visual experience
• Watch comfortably for hours – Auto Color Temperature adjustment lowers image tone intensity for longer play with less eye fatigue
• Adjustable supports for enhanced performance – for optimum comfort, headband and forehead supports are fully adaptable, with adjustable screen lenses for precise 3D viewing
• Use your favorite headphones– make it more personal by using your own wired or wireless headphones or inner-ear phones
• Detachable light shields for different kinds of play. for greater privacy– fully detachable and adjustable light shields for total involvement in your viewing experience
• Wireless remote controls– adjust sound and vision, and access the menu wirelessly without breaking from the action
• Play while others watch TV – a dual output switcher means other people can watch TV or films while the wearer plays games (or the other way around)

The headset should be available for under $1000 before the end of the year.

Via: [Engadget]

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