Surge X’s Intros “Axess Ready” IP-Connected Surge Eliminators

Sections: Power management

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Surge X, known not for their surge protectors, but their surge eliminators, which take out a power surge like a phaser set on kill instead of a simple “disconnect and pray” like the other brands, has expanded their connected line beyond installers and system integrators to the DIY people.

SurgeX residential power products that are now Axess Ready include the XF2-AR FlatPak and the XS10-AR. Professional power products available include the SA-82-AR FlatPak, CM-1115-RT-AR and CM-1120-RT-AR, Compact Mounts (two-outlet version only), SX20-NE/RT-AR – Branch Circuit, SA-1810-AR – Stand Alone, SA-15-AR and SA-20-AR.

“In order to create a more intelligent power management system, we equipped the core of our existing product line with network connectivity,” said Rick Komendera, vice president of sales for SurgeX. “The new Axess Ready line gives installers and consultants more product choices and management options while making our existing power solutions intelligent.”

If you’re looking to get the most out of these Axess Ready surge eliminators, you’ll still need to work with a SurgeX authorized dealer. If you’re just looking for quality power protection, these Axess Ready devices offer that in spades, but if you want all of the nifty connectivity features that their Ethernet ports enable, like Cervella remote monitoring and diagnostics, it looks like those features still remain in the custom domain.

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