Phillips Stops Production of 21:9 TVs

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Just as Vizio gets into itPhillips, the originator of the super-wide 21:9 (approx 2.33:1) TVs is getting out. While there is a market for them, apparently it’s not a big enough market to justify continuing to manufacture them. While ultra-widescreen action movies are great on the sets, the problem is the 70-80% of movies that aren’t shot in full widescreen, which will feature pillarboxing, black or grey bars, on the sides instead of the top and bottom of the picture –or app widgets to fill that empty space — all which in my opinion kind of kills the experience.

If you want to view scope movies at home with the least compromise, your best bet is to get a projector that can handle ultra-widescreen, and a 2.35:1 screen and motorized curtains. The cost/benefit just isn’t there for scope and a direct-view panel, but I give kudos to Phillips for putting their money where their mouth is in giving it the good old college try.

Via: [The Verge]

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