It’ll Cost Your $10 to Use New Apple iDevices with Your Existing Docks

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Apple has a long history of making a healthy profit on accessories, charging $30 and up for basic items like charging cables that vendors on Amazon sell at 1/10th of the price or less. We know you all have clock radios, stereo systems, and other devices that you’re eventually going to want to hook your iPhone 5, iPad mini, or iPad 3.5 to, and so does Apple. So for $10 a cable, or three for $29 (a bargain discount!), you’ll be able to use your existing devices with your new gear.

Usual licensees like Belkin apparently will not be granted the patent permission to work with the new connector, either, so don’t count on name brand clones to save you

Or you can wait two weeks for the Chinese to make the same thing for a buck or two a pop. And why shouldn’t they? They now own the design patent on the iPhone 5.

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