CEDIA 2012: New Projectors from Runco

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The 2012 CEDIA Expo has come to a close, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop the news coverage. Runco had a large presence at the show, with several new projectors and an impressive demo down the hall and upstairs from the main floor. The company announced a new projection system line, XtremeProjection, that includes three models designed for high-end installations with screen sizes ranging from 171 to 235 inches. Runco also announced two additions to its Signature Cinema Series: the SC-30d and SC-35d 3D projectors.

The Xtreme Projection line includes the X-200i, X-400d, and X-450d. These projectors ship with three pairs of active 3D glasses. All three can also be outfitted with Runco’s CineWide and CineWide with AutoScope lens technology option. CineWide aims to recreate the theatrical experience with 2.35:1 aspect ratio movies.  Custom installers will be able to design theaters with throw distances from 0.77:1 to 6.76:1.

All three projectors boast impressive stats: The X-200i s a single-chip DLP projector that can achieve 1430 ANSI lumens. The X-400d delivers over 2100 ANSI lumens, and the X-450d can achieve over 3780 ANSI lumens. The X-200i features integrated processing, but the X-400d and X-450d also ship with Runco’s Dimension Digital Controller (DC-300), which has been engineered to enhance 3D performance. The DC-300 also offers flexibility for installers–the controller has single-wire connection from the processor to the projector, and is rack mounted.

The  SC-30d and SC-35d 3D projectors in the Signature Series also have options for CineWide and CineWide with AutoScope technology. The projectors can also be integrated with the Dimension Digital Controller.


X-200i: $14,995

X-400d: $34,995

X-450d: $39,995 (including the DC-300)

SC-30d: $39,995

SC-35d: $44,995

For detailed specs, visit Runco.

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