ecobee Smart Thermostat Review

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If your interest is piqued by the idea of a gorgeous, intuitive, web-connected thermostat that allows you to make smart energy usage decisions, provides remote access from anywhere in the world, and may potentially save you a coin or twelve on your heating and cooling bills, but you’ve been put off by the Nest, you may be interested in reading my review of the ecobee Smart Thermostat just published over at HD Living:

It may seem unfair to begin a review of a product by hyping up its biggest competitor, but let’s face it: if not for the Nest, thermostats wouldn’t be a very exciting topic of conversation these days. If not for that Apple-inspired gadget, though, I might never have heard of ecobee’s EB-STAT-02 Smart Thermostat, which is ironic, given that it’s been on the market a lot longer than the Nest. Also ironic is that, if you think of the Nest as “the iPod of thermostats,” the ecobee Smart is more like the iPhone of HVAC control units. (Or, given how flexible and tweakable it is, perhaps “the Android of thermostats” is more apt, just without all the current legal brouhaha implied by such.)

Whichever analogy does it for you, one thing is certain: the ecobee Smart combines all of the best aspects of every smart thermostat before it, ties them all up with a gorgeous touchscreen interface, and manages to pack in so much functionality and versatility, all without feeling overwhelming in the slightest.

Head over to HD Living for the rest, and keep your eyes on these pages for a review of the Smart’s little brother, the ecobee Smart Si, coming to the pages of HomeTechTell soon.

Via: [HD Living]

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