James Bond Loads Up Bond 50 for UK Tour

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MGM and Fox have teamed up to give everyone’s favorite 007 from the ’70s one last big assignment. Sir Roger Moore has been given a special 007 briefcase loaded with the first Bond 50 Blu-ray set, and is traveling the length of the UK to celebrate the release. Each location on the tour will re-create a classic Bond chase, and help move the briefcase along to its next destination. Sounds like great fun, and fodder for Bond 55 right?

Stops, their related films, and accompanying celebrity support, include:

  • Day 001 (17 Sept): North Scotland — From Russia With Love, The World Is Not Enough (featuring Eunice Gayson and Bond expert Brian Pendreigh)
  • Day 002 (18 Sept): Travel, Photo Opportunities and Media Visits (Eunice Gayson)
  • Day 003 (19 Sept): Penbryn Beach, Ceredigion, Wales — Die Another Day (Costume Designer Lindy Hemming)
  • Day 004 (20 Sept): Nene Valley Railway, Peterborough — Octopussy, GoldenEye (Director John Glen, Stunt Coordinator Paul Weston)
  • Day 005 (21 Sept): Stoke Park, Buckinghamshire — Goldfinger, Tomorrow Never Dies (Richard Kiel, Britt Ekland, Shirley Eaton, Tania Mallet, Eunice Gayson and mixologist Erik Lorincz)
  • Day 006 (22 Sept): The Eden Project, Cornwall — Die Another Day
  • Day 007 (23 Sept): London — Media visits with Britt Ekland
  • FINALE (24 Sept): HMV Oxford Street, London (featuring Britt Ekland and Richard Kiel)

Via: [Hollywood Reporter]

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