Pro Audio Technology Adds Enhancements to Programmable Modular Amplifier Line

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Pro Audio Technology (PRO) has added a complete family of new DSP filters for its Programmable Modular Amplifier (PMA) multichannel amplifier/processors.  Available via the PMA Control Panel interface, which itself is an enhancement to PRO’s PMA Manager amplifier control software, installers can configure PMA’s for any of PRO’s loudspeaker systems with a single mouse click.

The installer can select the loudspeaker from a list and then apply filters to optimize the performance of the speakers.  The filters are named in plain English and require no advanced acoustical engineering knowledge to use and apply successfully.  All of this is aimed to greatly reduce time required to set up a room.  Up to four predefinied acoustic filters are available per channel.

Examples of the predefined filters include:

  • Perforated projection screen high-frequency compensation, selectable by screen brand and model
  • Acoustic fabric high frequency compensation
  • Acoustic boundary loading compensation
  • Bass response contouring to fine-tune boundary compensation
  • Treble response contouring to fine tune screen and fabric compensation
  • High and low pass filters for deployment of distributed audio subwoofer/satellite systems

In lieu of the predefined filters, advanced installers can make use of up to eight customizable parametric filters — per channel — plus delay and gain adjustments to fine tune low-frequency in-room audio performance. Designed for subwoofer optimization, all the tools required to tame room-related standing wave modes are available right in the amplifier and are implemented via PMA Manager Software.

In addition to the full-set of customizable and predefined filters, PMA Manager features a built-in pink noise signal to aid in diagnosis of system wiring and design issues, and provides signal routing within the PMA amplifier, making the deployment of complex, multi-way, multi-speaker installations simple and efficient.

Pro Audio Technology’s Programmable Modular Amplifier is a 2U, four-channel design employing installer-programmable DSP with system calibration capabilities. PMA amplifier/processors are available in multiple configurations of 200, 450, or 1000 watts per channel. With high resolution DSP filtering, and proprietary PMA Manager Software, PMA amplifier/processors provide an intelligent, easy way to carry out complicated calibrations with minimal added cost and effort.

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