The Making of HBO GO

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Ever wonder what went into the design of HBO GO’s user interface?

Even if you answered “no,” you should still check out this video, because it will make you appreciate the incredible amount of thought and work that Huge, Inc. put into designing a UI that just works.

Coolest bits for me: seeing the designers using pencil, paper, and X-Acto knives to design a digital interface. Also, “cognitive hacks” is my new favorite phrase of the day.

Via: [Huge, Inc. on Vimeo]

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  • tlvworron

    trying to access the video “Making of HBO GO” and says I have to be a Vimeo suBscriber. I just subscribed but still will not let me acces the video?

  • Dennis Burger

    Yeah, they seem to have changed the permissions for this one since uploading it. Sorry about that!