Authentication Chip Crushes Hopes of Cheap iPhone 5 Lightning Dock Adapters

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(Image Credit AppleInsider/DoubleHelix)

As previously rumored, the new Lightning cables and connectors aren’t just grossly overpriced, but more affordable knockoffs are definitely a while off, as authentication chips  are found in a teardown of the new connector.

This is a trick that Microsoft used with the Xbox 360 to suppress third-party controllers at the retail level (this protected their retail partners, who only make good margins on accessories, while still being bad for the consumer). The manufacturing cost on the cables is going from about $0.40 to around $3.50 with the inclusion of these chips, and more than likely any factory making knockoffs will get shut down thanks to Apple’s relationship with the Chinese government.

So shut down those dreams of $5 Lightning adapters, at least until they find a way around it, and get ready to dig deep, real deep.

Via: [AppleInsider]

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  • tahrey

    Orrrrrrrrrrr you could go with some other brand that’s plumped for much cheaper but still as small and still as effective USB2 or 3 connections…

    When was the last time you were actually that bothered about only being able to transfer about 1.5GB per minute to/from a smartphone or mp3 player? (That’s about where USB2 realistically peaks)