Bowers & Wilkins Announces Custom Installation Loudspeakers

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Bowers & Wilkins will be releasing a new custom installation loudspeaker series: CI 800. All of the CI 800 speakers (one in-ceiling and two in-wall) feature the Bowers & Wilkins Carbon Braced Tweeter. The Carbon Braced Tweeter features a ring of ultra-thin wound carbon fiber to brace the tweeter dome, which enhances audible frequencies below 20kHz.

The tweeters in the CI 800 are Nautilus™ Tube Loaded designs. The tweeters are de-coupled from the rest of the speaker assembly, so the low-frequency drivers don’t transmit unwanted vibrations that might compromise performance at high frequencies.

The CI 800’s midrange drivers are made from Kevlar® and use the Anti-Resonance Plug from Bowers & Wilkins’ PM1speakers. And since these are custom installation speakers, Bowers & Wilkins have developed fully engineered Matrix™ enclosures with stiff structures and optimum volume for bass response.

The CI 800 Series will be available beginning in December of 2012 with additional models in the first quarter of 2013.


CWM 8.3 in-wall loudspeaker: $2,200

CWM 8.5 in-wall loudspeaker: $800

CCM 8.5 in-ceiling loudspeaker: $1400

All speakers require Matrix enclosures priced between $600-$800.

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