Break Bad, Not the Bank With Amazon’s Blu-ray Deal of the Week

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Breaking Bad, one of the most critically acclaimed shows on television, is still new enough that you can catch up with the rest of us on the horrible, horrible, must-be-illegal-in-several states cliffhanger of doom leading up to next year’s final eight episodes.

When my friend Gordo told me I needed to watch this show, I was like “The dad from Malcom in the Middle is a drug dealer, riiiigght.” By the end of the season, I was an addict.

Good thing these Blu-rays don’t run what his blue meth does or I’d be in real trouble. Right now, for this week only, Season One will set you back a mere $14.20, Season Two is just $16.49, and Season Three is just $21.99.

Buy it now: Breaking Bad: The Complete First Season

Buy it now: Breaking Bad: The Complete Second Season

Buy it now: Breaking Bad: The Complete Third Season

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