How To: Build a DIY iPhone 5 Dock for Your Home Theater (or Home Office)

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Have you got some power tools around? Willing to sacrifice your only Lightning charger cable (or pay $20 for a second)?

Casey Neistat loved the dock he had attached to his workstation, which allowed him to keep an eye on his messages and keep his phone charged while he worked. Unfortunately, the new Apple iPhone 5 ruined all his fun. So Neistat cooked up his own DIY solution.

Now you can replicate his results by turning a piece of scrap wood into a functional  dock. All you need is a power drill, a router (a Dremel attachment will do), a hot glue gun, some scrap wood, and a Lightning cable. Total construction time, depending on how crazy you want to go with sanding and painting, is probably 30-45 minutes, and after that, all you have to do is plug it into your existing USB port and you’re ready to rock. Anyone out there want to build me one that fits an Otterbox?

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