SVS Packs Huge Subwoofer Sound into a Cabinet Perfect for Any Room

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SVS has launched its new SB13-Ultra subwoofer, designed to deliver best-in-class performance with advanced engineering, refined aesthetics, and easy room integration.  As with most of SVS’s products, the SB13-Ultra is engineered to deliver incredible bass performance, but unlike its larger brethren, this one boasts a very sleek and elegant design that allows it to easily integrate into any décor.

Instead of simply reusing their famous 13.5-inch Ultra 13 driver in the SB13-Ultra’s more compact and sealed enclosure, SVS took the time to re-engineer and refine it to create a more optimized unit.  They revised the motor geometry, added an ultra-high-power aluminum voice coil, and developed a custom gap extension plate that increases linear stroke and reduces distortion.  Toss in dual linear-roll spiders, a stitched parabolic surround, and the ultra-light but rigid Rohacell composite cone material of the Ultra 13 driver, and the result is a strong contender in the reasonably sized subwoofer market.

The SB13-Ultra uses an integrated SVS 1000W (3,200W peak) DSP Sledge amplifier with on-board DSP that is matched to the driver and cabinet, and an EQ curve that is optimized for transient response and to compliment room gain.

Although its rated response is 20Hz to 460Hz (+/-3dB), in the right setup, the SB13-Ultra can get as low as 15Hz, all without losing the subtle texture and detail in the low end.  Its room size compensation control also allows the SB13-Ultra to sonically adapt to any room.  For the adjustment happy folks out there, a two-band parametric EQ is also on board, but it’s easily defeated for the adjustment averse, or for those who want their preamp or receiver to do the work.

One cool feature that SVS offers is Merlin, their online technician.  Tell Merlin what speakers you have, and he’ll tell you which SVS sub to match up with them.  Merlin has a long list of manufacturers, with plenty of speaker models from each.   I personally lost about 30 minutes here, just to make sure that Merlin simply doesn’t grab subs at random, and it does appear as though the suggestions are well-thought-out matches, and not just a marketing gimmick.  As an added bonus, Merlin also recommends settings to better match their sub to your mains.  It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Another great thing about SVS is that you’re able to buy directly from them on their website or via phone.  They offer support technicians via phone and include a 45-day in-home trial to help ensure you’ve made the correct choice.

The SB13-Ultra subwoofer, available in piano black or a real wood black oak finish, is shipping now for an MSRP of $1599, but if you order soon you can take advantage of the pre sale price of $1499.

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