Masarati and B&W Speed Toward a Premium Partnership

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Bowers & Wilkins has been known for years as a premium, high-quality audiophile brand, and now they’re joining forces with Maserati, known for its premium, high quality sports cars, to make a high octane, V8-level sound system to match.

“If you look at the values the companies have in common, the partnership makes perfect sense,” said [Maserati CEO Harald] Wester. “Both Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins have a proud heritage of traditional craftsmanship and engineering excellence. Both have a real commitment to innovation. And both continue to set benchmarks for performance and design in our industries.”

“Maserati has always attracted discerning customers who appreciate understated refinement and genuine performance – and the same can be said for Bowers & Wilkins.” Although no details about the forthcoming car audio system are yet available, [Bowers & Wilkins Executive VP] Huizing says that there is plenty to get excited about. “I’m confident we’ve come up with something very special,” said Huizing. “By working closely with Maserati engineers, we’ve designed a system perfectly adapted to the unique challenges of the car environment, and one which will deliver great sound and transform the driving experience.”

The entire campaign will be based around  the seven notes of a Maserati engines, and will include film clips, and exclusive compositions by HowieB, all of which are available at in high definition audio. To draw the autophiles into the audiophile world, B&W will also produce Maserati branded speakers and headphones so you look just as good when out of the car as in it.

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