EW Magazine Puts a Smartphone in Its October 5 Issue

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Entertainment Weekly is taking a unique stab at a new digital marketing project.  The October 5 print edition of EW will contain what they call an embedded “smartphone-like” device.  The project is basically an ad for two of the CW network’s new fall shows, The Arrow and Emily Owens, M.D.  When the magazine is opened to the ad, the device plays a couple videos, then switches to live tweets from the CW’s Twitter account.

The kind folks at Mashable got their hands on a copy, and proceeded to do what any curious, red-blooded American would do: they tore the ting apart to see what was inside.  What they found amounted to a complete smartphone, including a screen, keyboard, camera, mini-USB connection, and a T-Mobile 3G data connection.  With a little coaxing, they were able to access the phone’s menu and features.

While certainly a very cool marketing gimmick, it’s probably not cheap, which would explain why EW is limiting its run of these digitally-enabled magazines to 1,000.  You can get your hands on one as well, but you best be quick about it.

Head over to Mashable for more info on the phone and photos of the teardown.

via: [Mashable]

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