Nest Intros Next Generation Thermostat

Sections: HVAC, Smart Home

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If you were just about to pull the trigger on a Nest thermostat, hold off for a few weeks, because it looks like the Apple design philosophy is carrying over in the thermostat world.  Nest has posted details about this year’s model on the company’s blog. The new Nest features a streamlined design, increased compatibility (for low voltage and dual fuel systems, for example), and updated software.

The new Nest, which will be available on October 15th at a retail price of $249, offers a host of improved software features. System Match allows better control for owners that don’t have traditional forced air heating and cooling systems. Homeowners with radiant systems or those with heat pumps should benefit from the Nest software update. The software also promises better Auto-Away and Auto-Schedule functions. Nest has also updated its mobile software to be fully compatible with all Android tablets, including Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.

Last year’s shiny new toy will still be available until supplies are sold out for a reduced price of $229.

For more information visit Nest.

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