Aperion Announces the ARIS, the First DLNA Certified Windows 8 Speaker

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Apple has had its day with AirPlay for a while, and now with new Windows 8 devices on the Horizon, it’s time for Microsoft users to get into the act too. With Aperion’s new 100W standalone WiFi ARIS speaker, tunes are just a right click and “Send-to” away.

ARIS is the first wireless speaker system for Windows, providing functionality similar to wireless speakers that work with Apple® AirPlay® or Bluetooth® technology. However, being Windows and DLNA certified, the ARIS system allows connectivity to multiple network devices, a simple ‘right-click’ music file playback and compatibility with a variety of playback Apps for tablets and smart phones. Aperion’s 12 years of experience in designing award-winning home theater speakers, has been applied in engineering the ARIS from the ground up for natural and low-distortion reproduction of sound, even at loud volumes.  The all-in-one stereo speaker system includes six internal drivers and four amplifiers that provide a total of 100 W of audio power and a maximum SPL of 105 dB. The unique extruded and black anodized aluminum enclosure measures 6.5-inches high by 14.75-inches wide. The ARIS is equipped with an adjustable and removable red steel stand for precise angling to enable optimal placement in any room.

The ARIS sets up at the touch of a button via WiFi Protected Setup, and updates its own firmware with the latest technologies and codecs. On top of it all, the device is futureproofed, with a replaceable WiFi card should more advanced networking technologies prove incompatible.

Key Features of the Aperion ARIS Wireless Speaker for Windows:
• Using Microsoft Windows “Play To” feature, send music wirelessly from any Windows device on your home network
• Six internal speakers including 4 powered drivers and 2 passive radiators
• 100 W total power with three sound modes: natural, bass boost and enhanced stereo
• Easy-to-use push button connection to home network via Wi-Fi Protected Setup
• Single-piece brushed aluminum enclosure with adjustable/removable steel base
• Certified compatible with Windows® 8 and Windows® 7
• DLNA® certified

The Aperion ARIS Wireless Speaker System is available now for $499.

Contact info:
Aperion Audio 

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