Help Kickstart the Polyphonic Spree’s New Albums and Documentary Film

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The Polyphonic Spree — one of my favorite bands in the history of ever — has some exciting new stuff in the works, including a You+Me live album of the tour I saw them on this year (seriously, best concert ever), a concert documentary DVD from the New York leg of the tour, and (drumroll please), a new as-of-yet-untitled studio album!

The band needs your help, though, because suffice to say, a group like this isn’t pulling in the big studio dollars. So before they can release the albums, and before they can plan their next tour, they need to pay for mixing, mastering, artwork, manufacturing, PR, more studio time, mixing and mastering all over again, bus leasing, hiring a driver… the list goes on and on.

And they’re giving away some awesome goodies to anyone who chips in to help them pay for all of this, including, of course, digital, CD, vinyl (including some hand-poured vinyl at higher tiers), and DVD copies of the new goods, as well as handmade artwork, cello lessons, a phone chat with Spree (and Tripping Daisy) front man Tim DeLaughter, and even a song about you! No, seriously, your own personal Polyphonic theme song.

Personally, I’m dreaming about that $1500 Pledge reward, which includes the chance to be an honorary member of the Spree for one night, live on stage.

Hey, maybe I need to start my own Kickstarter campaign to help me pay for this Kickstarter campaign: “Pledge $1500 or more: Come see me be an honorary member of the Polyphonic Spree. Watch me sit in with the band for a show of my choice in the choir or with my instrument. I’ll hang out with the band, participate in soundcheck, and keep my robe after the show. (Your flight, concert ticket, and accommodations not included.)”

Via: [The Polyphonic Spree on Kickstarter]

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