SVS Introduces New Ultra Series Loudspeakers

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SVS has long been known to enthusiasts as the pile driver of subwoofers in both shape and performance. Their new Ultra Series Loudspeakers take the precision enthusiasts are used to on the bottom, and brings it up to the top. From the sounds of the press release, some amazing research went into these speakers, from the conceptual work to the tweaking of crossovers to ensure a perfect blending of channels in the soundscape, without distortion.

To achieve that goal, award-winning lead designer Mark Mason and his team began work on the lineup-which includes a gorgeous 45-inch tall upswept trapezoidal tower, a bookshelf speaker, center channel, and a truly unique and flexible surround speaker-by performing finite element analysis (FEA) on all of the proposed components in a sophisticated computer program that simulated the internal forces of each speaker and allowed for advanced engineering before the first prototype was ever built. As gorgeous as the speakers are, every angle, every surface, every dimension was tweaked with one ultimate goal in mind: pure acoustic perfection. Even the speaker grille design was subjected to this rigorous FEA to ensure the utmost in sonic transparency.


The result is a level of performance that even drastically more expensive loudspeakers cannot match. From top to bottom, the Ultra Tower that stands as the flagship of the lineup boasts top-grade components and high-end design features configured to deliver uncompromised, dynamic, distortion-free audio, with open, airy highs and the deep, tight, linear and powerful bass for which SVS is famous. Its unique SoundMatch 3.5-way crossover is designed so that only the top of the two 6.5-inch composite glass-fiber midrange drivers crosses over to the tweeter, while the bottom midrange driver works to ensure that off-axis performance is smooth and even, with a wider sweet spot and a more consistent sound across the entire room.

Since when does buying audiophile-quality speakers actually save you space and money? One of the coolest things about the lineup is the Ultra Surround, each of which contains a dual isolated crossover, so you can run a pair in bipole configuration (where each set of drivers delivers the same signal in phase), as dipoles (where one set of drivers is out of phase with the other, creating an open, diffuse, more THX-like surround soundfield), or in the exclusive Duet configuration, the latter of which allows you to use just two of the Ultra Surrounds to deliver all four reach channels in a 7.1-channel setup.

Looking sharp, and sounding great, the new SVS Ultra Series will set you back $1999 for a pair of the towers, $699 for the center channel (which boasts a vertically aligned tweeter and mid driver for better dispersion), $1199 per pair for the Ultra surrounds, and $999 a pair for the bookshelf variety. I’m sure all SVS enthusiasts look forward to seeing if they can do to the speaker category what they did for the subwoofer industry. The Ultra series will be available November 20 from SVS‘s website and select retailers, so start diverting the Christmas kitty now.

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