Channel Vision Releases New Security Network Video Recorder

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Channel Vision has released its new 4 Channel Network Video Recorder, the NVR-4. Designed to be the missing link in your megapixel IP camera system, the system is compatible with any Channel Vision IP camera, as well as ONVIF compliant IP cameras from other manufacturers.  The NVR-4 has built-in time and event search functions and compresses its recordings via H.264.

The NVR-4 is available in three models: 1-Terabyte (NVR-4-1000), 4-Terabyte (NVR-4-4000), and a standalone model without a hard drive (NVR-4). Each model is expandable up to 6-Terabytes (2 x 3-Terabyte Drives).  Recording times and capacity are dependent upon video signal, display format, and video quality settings.

Homeowners, business owners or network administrators can utilize the NVRs flexible monitoring options via the Internet, over an existing network, or through a monitor or TV connected directly to the unit via VGA. Outside of the home or business, the NVR-4 supports up to four online clients that can simultaneously view real-time 1080p streams from any browser or mobile device.

The NVR-4 supports three different video recording modes. including Manual, Scheduled, or Event recording triggers. It can be programmed to begin recording upon specific events, such as Motion Detection, Video Loss, or via Sensor.  Recording quality can be adjusted from 1.5 Mbps to 4 Mbps, with frame rate options of 5 to 30 frames per second.  The AVI watermark converter transfers the data with a time stamp for use as legal evidence. A variety of camera viewing options are available on the display, including Full Screen, Quad View, or Auto-Sequence, as well as remote control of the PTZ cameras and 2x/8x/x16/x32 playback speed over the network.

The varios NVR-4 models are available through Channel Vision’s network of dealers and installers.

NVR-4: $888.00

NVR-4-1000: $1108.00

NVR-4-4000: $1500.00

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