Hercules Announces a New Family of Wireless Speakers

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Call me sentimental, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Hercules. No, not the mythical characters, nor the Disney film based on him. I’m talking about the company Hercules, whose Hercules Graphics Adapter fueled many a late-night PC gaming session of mine well into the very late ’80s, when I finally upgraded to VGA.

It’s been a long time since Hercules was a player in the video market, but the company is doing some cool things with digital audio these days, including the introduction of four new wireless speakers in a few different varieties.

First up is the BTP02, a Made for iPod/iPhone 2.0 speaker in a sexy round cabinet, with a promise of 20 hours of battery life if you don’t crank the volume to ridiculous levels. It’s due in stores in December for $299.

For Apple aficionados who need a little more oomph and fidelity, there’s also the WBT06, which features a more elongated design to make room for additional drivers and a high-quality 90-watt amplifier. Its Bluetooth capabilities support any smartphone, tablet, or other devices with Bluetooth audio output, and it also features a “radio-frequency adapter, enabling users to connect it to any computer not equipped with a Bluetooth adapter.” The WBT06 isn’t entirely wireless, though; it does require a mains connection for power. Look for it to ship in November for $369.99.

For all the love aimed at iUsers, Hercules hasn’t forgotten you Google fans. The BTP05 features a quite different design — boxier, sure, but one that positively screams “portability” — and is targeted directly at Android phone and tablet users. Yes, it features full APT-X Bluetooth capabilities and will work with a wide array of devices, but Android users get the benefit of additional controls. At medium volumes, it promises twelve hours of battery life, and will be available in late November for $249.99.

There’s also a smaller version of the same design — the BT03 — which features Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (A2DP profile) for better compatibility with virtually all Bluetooth devices. The BT03 also promises to do a lot with its 12 watts of power, and is available in three different finishes: lacquered white and green, lacquered black and green, and lacquered black and orange. Look for it in December, for an SRP of $129.99.

All of the new speakers in the line are also fully compatible with Hercules’ WAE (Wireless Audio Experience) control app for iOS and Android.

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