Is Panasonic Exiting the LCD TV Business?

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According to Diamond Online, a Japanese tech site, Panasonic is looking at shutting down LCD TV production in the next 12 months to concentrate on providing high-quality panels for the iPad, and in the future, Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Panasonic’s TV division has been losing money for the last several years, and if my mediocre Japanese doesn’t fail me, the story explains that there’s just not enough margin in the LCD TV game to keep thing s profitable, so Panasonic wants to instead retool their production for the phone and tablet growth industries where demand is skyrocketing.

While the piece talks very briefly about Panasonic’s plasma TV operations, the focus of the discussion appears to be on Panasonic bailing on the low-end — or maybe all LCD TVs — and not necessarily their high-end plasmas. What happens to Panasonic’s TV production remains to be seen, though, but there’s no question that people looking at small sets are more often than not opting for Samsungs or skipping the big names altogether for generic brands when stocking up the bedroom, and so for Panasonic to concentrate on the high margin premium sets where they’re undeniably a technological leader is probably a smart move. None of this information is official, mind you, and an amazing Christmas could change their minds, but the way the market is trending, no one would be shocked if Panasonic ditched low-end LCD TVs for shiny tablet screens altogether.

Via: [Diamond Online]

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