Sony Says “No Thanks” to Ultra HD, Keeps the 4K Badge

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From Dealerscope:

A day after the Consumer Electronics Association announced that 4K TVs will be known as “Ultra High Definition,” Sony announced its intention to continue using the 4K designation.

“Sony lauds the CEA’s efforts to come up with a common language to describe the next generation high-definition technology,” Sony spokeswoman Elizabeth Boukis told Dealerscope in an email. “However, to ensure clarity for consumers and delineate between today’s and tomorrow’s technology, Sony will continue to use the 4K moniker for its products and will market its future products as 4K ultra high-definition (4K UHD).

I for one thing Sony has a point here. Because, really, the vagueness of the CEA’s “Ultra HD” designation make make sense now, but doesn’t leave a lot of room for further resolution upgrades that we already know are in the pipes. If 4K is Ultra HD, what is 8K? Super-Dooper-Ultra-for-Realsies HD?

4K works as a marketing label. By now, the people who care know what it means, and the people who don’t aren’t going to be any more swayed by this anymore than people were swayed by the “True HD” label for 1080p.

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