ViewSonic Ships Pro9000 Hybrid Home Theater Projector

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From Dealerscope:

ViewSonic this week announced that its new Pro9000 projector is now shipping. The Full HD, laser LED hybrid projector is meant for the home entertainment market.

“As opposed to conventional lamp-based projection, the Pro9000 employs a laser LED hybrid light engine technology. By eliminating the color wheel, our Pro9000 projector produces astonishing, razor-sharp images, while dramatically decreasing ghost images and rainbow effects,” Roger Chien, product manager for ViewSonic, said as part of the announcement.

At $3,923.00, the Pro9000 is certainly an attractive alternative to larger flat panel displays, and represents a pretty enticing price-to-potential-size ratio. For those of us susceptible to DLP rainbows, its hybrid laser LED technology is an absolutely treasure, and although it isn’t 3D capable, and supports only HDMI 1.3 (with two outputs), if you’re not into stereoscopic viewing and need a great-looking, flexible projection system for most small- to medium-sized rooms (its throw distance range is 4.9ft–16.4ft / 1.5m–5.0m, so whether you’re in an itty bitty den or a pretty spacey media room, it should fit), the Pro9000 is certainly worth a look.

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