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Let’s say you’ve got boxes of old DVDs gathering dust in the corner of a closet. And let’s say you want to get rid of those DVDs while doing something good at the same time.

Check out Darryl Wilkinson’s article over at on a cool program called DVDs4VETs, which is helping folks donate old DVDs to VA Facilities around the country. The DVDs4Vets website has a facility locator for those that want to donate directly to a local VA. The organization is also willing to provide packing and shipping assistance for folks who have large collections and want to donate all their old discs at once.

The men and women serving our country deserve a little entertainment–some who have suffered traumatic brain injuries need entertainment as part of their rehabilitation–so DVDs4VETs offers a valuable service. Take the time to learn more about the organization and do something good with all those DVDs that are simply collecting dust.

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