PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA Error While Installing Windows 8? Here’s One Fix

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(Key bits are bolded below, if you just want to skip to the good stuff.)

By some stroke of luck, Amazon delivered my copy of Windows 8 Pro yesterday afternoon instead of today.

And I know what you’re saying: “Ewww, Windows 8!”

You shoosh. I couldn’t pass up the performance advantages, which are quite substantial.

It took me quite a while to get to those advantages, though, because I didn’t get Win8 installed until my third attempt. That’s right, kiddos: twice I spun the disc, did all the checking, installed all the files, watched multiple reboots and water-boiling counters, only to be met with the screen you see at right in the very, very final stages of the installation.

For my second attempt at installing, I figured I would disconnect all of my non-essential hardware, thinking maybe some auxiliary device was causing a conflict. Because, after all, Windows 8 does a handy software search before it installs, and tells you which programs aren’t compatible. (It even had me uninstall Microsoft’s own Security Essentials, since Win8 uses a new version of Defender).

Second verse, same as the first: Blue Screen o’ Death during the very, very final stages of installation, and a complete reversion back to Win7-64, with only my keyboard, mouse and monitor attached.

So I started some digging, started some speculating, uninstalled some programs, and did a whole lot of thinking before starting the looong process of trying to re-re-install Windows 8. I ran into a few people online having similar problems, but those were all Firewall related, and I use Windows Firewall. Putting two and two together, though, I noticed that incompatibilities all seem to be in the realm of security. Win8 prompted me to uninstall Security Essentials. Third-party firewalls were the boogeyman for other users. The only remaining bit of security software I had on my PC was a program called Trusteer Rapport, which my bank prompted me to install a while back. It’s pretty transparent, so I had forgotten about it long ago. But I uninstalled it, ran the Win8 installation again, and voila! Windows 8 installed flawlessly!

Now, I’m not saying that Trusteer Rapport is going to be the culprit with everyone who gets this error while trying to install, but given that every other program I’ve tried runs wonderfully under the new operating system, I think it’s safe to say that if PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA errors are plaguing your day, some sort of security software is almost certainly to blame. Just go ahead and uninstall it all before you start the migration process.

Granted, I don’t know why Windows 8 couldn’t have told me ahead of time it was going to choke on Rapport, since apparently it runs a scan of some sort before installation, but the endorphin rush of having Win8 installed is overwhelming my grump at Microsoft’s (and Trusteer’s) dropping the ball on this one.

Now, where the hell is the Control Panel?

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  • Ian Parnell

    I had the same issue – once rapport was removed Win8 installed without a hitch.
    I’d had the same problem installing the Customer Preview of Win 8, but just put it down to it being pre-release software – a clean install worked okay, but for the install of the released version I wanted to upgrade with the files and apps in place. Your report saved me hours of work – thank you.

    PS – I have reported this to Trusteer, with a link to your article.

  • Trusteer Technical Support

    Please note that this is an unknown issue and we would be very interested in further investigating it. We would like to assure you that Rapport is fully compatible with Windows 8. If you are willing to assist us in examining the problem, please contact us at

    oh and – for the Control Panel right-click on the start menu.

  • David Walker

    Thanks a million, you guys/gals ! I have prev tried 3 installs of Windows 8 and all failed. Microsoft forums seem awash with the same problem with no useful help emanating from Microsoft.
    I did my 4th install of Win 8 after removing Rapport (no other changes) and all went well.
    In order to remove Rapport I had to jump through their hoops explaining why I wanted to remove it and being told how important it was. I had to enter their codes, too. Smeggy !

  • David Walker

    Sorry. I forgot to mention that I took the liberty of posting your solution on the Win 8 forum, giving your site all credit.

  • Dennis Burger

    Glad I could be of assistance, David! And thanks for spreading the word.

    I’ve heard from Rapport that this isn’t supposed to be an issues with newer versions of their software, and they’ve already reached out to me for mini dumps to help them analyze the problem, but unfortunately I deleted my mini-dumps and removed my .old directory shortly after getting Win8 up and running for good.

    If you haven’t done the same, perhaps you could contact them at and offer to help with those files?

    Here’s the relevant excerpt of the email they sent me:

    “We would appreciate if you could please send us the Rapport logs from your computer.
    These logs only contain data regarding Rapport’s machinations, and they do not include any sensitive information of any kind.

    Instructions on how this can be done are at:
    Please note that the logs are found in more than one location.

    Additionally, can you please also send us the mini-dump files that may have been generated when these errors took place?
    This can be done by following these instructions:“

  • Jason Baber

    I tried to install once and had this issue. The ONLY thing I did was uninstall Rapport and got a successful install upon the next attempt. Thank you for the post.

    Has anyone tried reinstalling Rapport afterward yet?

  • Ian Parnell

    I reinstalled afterwards – no problems with the install or operation of Rapport, and Win8 has been stable and reliable.

  • Harold Rousseau

    same problem and I was told that my Avast internet security was causing the problem

  • James Prutton

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you for resolving that problem. Microsoft were completely unable to fix the problem even after 5 different techs of theirs logged onto my computer and tried!

    Thank you again

    • Dennis Burger

      Aww, James, you just made my day! Glad I could help!

  • Brian McQueen

    This happened to me also. With Windows 8 purchase, you can get support from Miscrosoft for 90 days. I contacted them and we had to uninstall my antivirus during the install – installed again after (AVG). Also had to uninstall my video drivers, they were installed again with the upgrade. All is working well now.

  • Jamie Cunliffe

    Thanks. Hours of fiddling only to get the dreaded PAGE_FAULT_(etc). Removed Rapport and – Hey Presto – installed perfectly. I shall now reinstall it as it seems it only “detects interference” during installation.

  • David Walker

    Greetings to Jamie – and the best of luck !
    I bank with Santander and tried to re-install Rapport from their logon site. Rapport wouldn’t install ‘cos my browser or operating system wasn’t supported. It gave a list of Rapport’s requirements (and Windows 8 was included), all of which were met by my pc.
    I contacted Rapport and they said, “Ah yes, Windows 8, no that isn’t supported on the Santander offering but we do have a beta version you can download that does support Windows 8″. I declined to base my on-line banking security on a beta program.

  • mike

    Thanks. was driving me crazy with 6 failed installs. After uninstalling Rapport Win8 finally installed.

  • Francisco

    I cannot believe it was this simple solution that did it after two days of trying to install windows 8. Microsoft should be ashamed of not listing this as a potential problem with the installation. A million thanks for your posting!!!!!

  • Jared

    So I’m a little late to the party but I’m having a similar problem. Yesterday I installed Win8 on the third try, having made no changes in between. Now today it’s been working well until I just got the error you’re talking about.

    I also get “System thread exception not handled”.

    Any idea on what I can fix? Again, it’s been working fine for a day, just noticed it was running slower and slower, decided to restart and bam…

    Thanks a ton in advance!

  • Dennis Burger

    Jared, not having run into that error myself, I’m flying a little blind here, but a System thread exception not handled error is probably going to be a problem with a specific driver for a piece of hardware you have installed in your system. Are you up to date on all of your audio and video drivers? That’s the first place I would start looking. Also, did you see a specific file referenced in the error message? Knowing that would help muchly.

    Also, we might have to take this one off-thread, but is there any way you can get me a copy of the minidump created when your crashed? If you haven’t done a Disc Cleanup to remove your .old directory, you should still have access to those.

    • Jared

      How do I find and then get you the minidump?

      • Dennis Burger

        Actually, it may be easier to have you read your minidump yourself. Here’s a great tutorial from PC Hell detailing what programs you’ll need and where to find everything.

        From that, you should be able to determine the file causing the crash. Lemme know what it says!

        • Jared

          Looking at this now, but it looks like that only works if you can actually boot up your computer – I cannot. Am I reading it wrong? Thanks a bunch!

  • Jared

    The file I get for the PAGE_FAULT… error is wdf01000.sys.

  • Dennis Burger

    Yargh. That doesn’t make things any easier. That could either be a Windows system file, in which case you could have all sorts of issues perhaps related to a virus; or, it could be an input device driver — probably a Logitech, I’m assuming — like a keyboard or mouse or touchpad.

    Do you have any input devices that use the Logitech SetPoint software?

  • Jared

    I’m honestly not sure. I have a microsoft wireless mouse and I have no idea what powers the touchpad.

    What I can do is just refresh it. I’ll lose all my programs, but I have my files backed up already for the upgrade. It sounds like that might be the best way to go?

  • Dennis Burger

    I dunno if it would be the best, per se, but I’m thinking it would be the most likely to fix the problem if it’s something non-driver related. Before you move to such drastic measures, let’s run WhoCrashed first and see if it gives any more clues as to which drivers are causing the issue:

  • Dennis Burger

    Crap. Jared, I just now noticed the earlier comment in which you said you can’t even boot your machine.

    Given that, yeah, it’s time to do a fresh install.

    • Jared

      All right, I’ll go for that. Thanks a bunch for your help!

  • Bill

    After 8 futile attempts to install Windows 8, and after trying all the “fixes” from the internet, I stumbled across this blog. Much to my surprise after checking my PC,I found that I also had Trusteer Rapport installed. I have no idea where it came from. After deleting Trusteer Rapport, which wasn’t an easy job in itself, Windows 8 installed without a hitch. Just wanted to say thanks.

    • Dennis Burger

      Awesome sauce! So glad it worked for you, Bill!