LG Eschews Google TV in Favor of WebOS for New Smart TVs

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CNET has the story of LG’s decision to create a TV running the open-source WebOS software that powered HP’s failed TouchPad tablet.

That LG is considering building a television platform on an operating system that was built for mobile products is rather surprising. And according to WebOS Nation, the company has faced several pitfalls in developing the operating system, including getting apps onto the software. LG has reportedly used Enyo, an application development framework, to partner with developers and bring apps to the television, including Netflix.

The other issue, according to WebOS Nation, is WebOS’ slow boot times. LG is reportedly considering leaving the computer behind the television running all the time, and only flipping the screen off when a user hits the “off” button. There’s no telling how that might impact power consumption.

You read that right: Turn off your TV, and only the screen will go black. Now, granted, that’s not wholly different in principle from things like Control4’s HC-250 or URC’s MRX-10 Advanced System Controller, which stay on and connected to your home network at all times. But home controllers like that are also charged with controlling your lights, if you wish, your door locks, your security system, your thermostat, your entire home’s worth of automation and entertainment. What’s being proposed here is basically leaving your TV on all the time (except for the screen itself) to keep apps running that only run on your TV.

That’s not the only puzzling aspect of all this:

According to WebOS Nation, LG was choosing between WebOS and Google TV, a platform that launched in 2010, but never truly gained its footing. LG reportedly chose WebOS because of concerns over Google’s desire to exercise some control over the look and feel of its television platform. With WebOS, LG has free rein to do what it wants.

Via: [CNET]

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