AVWeek Podcast Episode 63: Green Kool-Aid

Sections: Audio, Features, Green Home Tech

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As we announced two weeks ago, we’re excited to bring the AVNation AVweek broadcast to the HomeTechTell audience.

Each week, brings together a group of AV professionals to discuss the latest news in the audio visual industry. Host Tim Albright and team bring in integrators, corporate industry leaders, and marketing experts for fun and passionate commentary.

The most recent AVweek episode, titled “Green Kool-Aid.” is available now, and features guests Chris Neto from AV Helpdesk, Harry Meade of Ultra Electronics-Criticon, Aaron Wilson, Shawn Robinson from AMX, and Nathan Lively from the podcast

This episode covers the announcement of the new iPad mini, and the panel predicts how Apple’s new connectors will effect AV. In addition, the FCC is allowing encryption, which means one more thing that will have HDCP. The panel also talks about what an “acoustically transparent” screen is. Plus, all the buzz around smart buildings.


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