Dukes of Prunes: Classic ’60s Psych Pop

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Okay, this is pretty cool.  At Amoeba Records the other day, I came across a reissue of the first Electric Prunes album with one of those stickers that read “Collectors Limited Edition High Quality Colored Vinyl” for $10.98!  I decided to spring for it, as I hadn’t heard that album in the ages since I sold off my mint original pressing sometime after college.  I had the singles and I figured that since I also had the Nuggets collection, what more did I really need than those singles “I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night” and “Get Me to the World On Time”?

Well, what I forgot was that this album is pretty groovy all the way through, with lots of classic proto-psychedelia and great melodies. I am quite sure my old pressing was mono, because I don’t remember it sounding quite as cool as this one does.  And that is what prompted me to write the review: on recordings of this period, oftentimes the mono mix is the better-sounding recording for numerous reasons (mostly times due to the increased sense of “rock” when the drums and bass are locked in together dead center between your ears).


However, this stereo mix not only rocks, but the fairly aggressive — borderline gimmicky — left/right psychedelic panning that mars so many stereo mixes from the period works really, really well here.  Yes, sometimes the drums are in the left channel, but usually the bass is dead center, and that holds things together quite well.

And then there are the songs. Beyond the aforementioned hits, you get great “deep tracks” (if you will) like “Are You Lovin’ Me More (But Enjoying It Less),” and “Sold the The Highest Bidder.”

Then there is the LP pressing — very thick, maybe not 180 gram but easily 150, maybe more — which is on clear purple vinyl! How cool is that?

They even reproduce the original Yellow, Pink, and Green Reprise Records label!

This one is a keeper.  Look for the “Manufactured by Rhino Records” sticker on the back right corner and chances are your pressing will be great too.  For $11, it’s a trip you can’t afford to miss!

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