ELAN Home Systems Delivers Its g! 6.0 Software Update

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In the past few years, ELAN’s g! home automation system has become a pretty major player in the market, thanks to an elegant interface, good reliability, and popularity amongst dealers and programmers. With its new 6.0 system update, the g! stands to gain even more popularity, thanks to a new ELAN g!Mobile Android app, support for up to 24 streaming music services, over 30 new third-party two way drivers, support for up to 24 streaming music services, a “new user interface architecture that allows for the easy addition of new features, user interface enhancements and integration with future platforms” and — here’s the cool thing in my book — new support for door lock integration.

About the new Android app, the press release says:

[CORE Brands Director of the Control Segment Joe ] Lautner noted that ELAN built its new ELAN g!Mobile Android app from the ground up because dedicated apps coded for each device are very labor and time intensive to upgrade for each device, and browser-based apps are often slow to respond and offer less graphically rich features. ELAN has created an entirely new User Interface App Architecture that makes it much easier and faster to upgrade the GUI on every device with a single update instead of writing new code for each device.

As for the door lock integration, it sounds like ELAN has all of the bases covered:

Enhancing the security/access functions of the g! System, ELAN today introduced the comprehensive door locks integration. Once a certified ELAN dealer sets up the system, end-users have the ability to easily control locks from home and while away, create convenient lock groups, and set their own user pass codes. This way g! owners can manage the door locks and security for their entire home or business without consulting a technician to make changes.

ELAN g! also provides owners with a detailed history of the door locks that includes time of entry, door location, and whose pass code was used. The easy-to-use door locks interface shows up under the security tab right alongside the standard security features, so it is simple to view and access. Owners can set unique pass codes for each user, and even set new/temporary pass codes for a maid, repairman, or visiting relative.

If all of this sounds tantalizing, you can take the system for a test drive, or contact your local ELAN g! dealer to find out more.

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  • Serafim

    After downloading the latest g6 App for the iPhone, to view video remotely becomes like a Christmas tree, on and off different cameras…must be a elan problem, checked with version 5.5 and works fine, my firmware has been updated…