PSB Introduces Imagine Series On-Wall Speakers

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It both amuses and horrifies me to see folks wall-mounting a speaker designed to be stand mounted and placed out the room. The acoustics get ooky, the bass gets weird, imaging is iffy at best, and the resulting soundfield is usually a mess. If you’re wall-mounting a TV and want your speakers to match aesthetically, and yet not sound like poo, you’ll definitely want to opt for a model that was designed and voiced for wall placement — like either of PSB’s new on-wall additions to its Imagine Series.

The Imagine W1 is a three-inch-deep LCR that’s designed to work in either vertical or horizontal orientation, making it great for use as either a center channel below the screen or stereo speakers on either side, so you can employ as the front three channels in a stereo system, or just use two for stereo output that’ll blow away what you’re getting from the puny five-watt drivers in your TV. Moreover, it was voiced by PSB Founder and Chief Designer Paul Barton to match the sound of PSB’s other offerings–standalone speakers and in-ceiling/in-walls alike–so you’re not limited in what sort of surround speakers to use in the room. Mounting brackets (and a tabletop stand) are included for simplicity of installation.

If you want to simplify things even further, though, PSB is also introducing the Imagine W3 — an un-powered sound bar solution that features custom-designed drivers for each channel, “sealed internally in individual chambers so they function as three discrete speakers for superior imaging and soundstage.”

Both the W1 and W3 will be shipping this month. The W1 retails for $599/each, while the W3 runs $1199.

To find them at retail near you, check out PSB’s dealer locator.

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