JBL Introduces a Trio of New Wireless Speakers

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JBL has announced an expansion of its wireless speaker offerings with three new models (mostly) targeted at the iOS crowd.

The JBL OnBeat aWake promises to turn your (older) iPad into the ultimate state-of-the-art bedside concierge, when combined with the company’s AmpUp app, which delivers “customized music settings for waking or falling asleep, on-screen personal calendar access, weather reports from AccuWeather and more than 20 wallpaper styles with clock settings, analog or digital clock styles and a nighttime mode.”

Its 30-pin dock connector will also charge your iPad (or iPhone, or Touch) while you sleep. The OnBeat aWake (which is a lot harder to type than it looks) also features a built-in clock display, and you can also connect up to eight other devices via Bluetooth. Retail price is $139.

For something a little less bedroomy and a little more living room, the OnBeat Venue boasts two full-range drivers and promises to deliver rich bass, but the cool thing about this guy is that it features component video output, so you can watch videos and games from your iPad on the big screen.

There’s also a companion app called MusicFlow, which allows you to create customized playlists, edit mixes, adjust volume and EQ settings, and browse album artwork, if the regular iOS provisions for doing so don’t float your boat. MRSP on the OnBeat Venue is $199.

If docking isn’t your deal, JBL is also bringing out a truly different wireless speaker in the form of the SoundFly Plug-In Speaker. As its name indicates, the SoundFly plugs into a mains outlet directly, and is offered in two varieties: one with AirPlay, and the other with Bluetooth audio connectivity. Either option promises incredibly simple setup and ridiculously easy control. If Bluetooth is your thing, the SoundFly BT will set you back $179. iOS users will have to pay an additional $20 for AirPlay connectivity.

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